Bodyblade® Instructor Training

Attend a Bodyblade® instructor training and gain the knowledge and skills you need to lead exciting, results-oriented group exercise classes, circuit workouts and personal training sessions. The interactive, 7-hour training (6 hour workshop, plus 1 hour lunch) engages fitness professionals with just the right blend of science and practical application and includes instruction on how to drive the Bodyblade®, utilizing different planes of movement, the concept of vibration and inertial resistance, programming for a variety of clients and populations, spotting, cueing, progressing your clients and much more.

Here’s what you’ll experience during the training:

  • A variety of workouts showing the versatility of the Bodyblade® training system.
  • Engaging lectures that demystify the science behind inertial and vibration training.
  • Step-by-step technique instruction on how to drive the Bodyblade® in various stances, orientations and planes of movement.
  • Detailed demonstrations of dozens of Bodyblade® exercises with modifications and progressions.
  • Effective partner drills to hone your spotting and cueing skills.
  • Proprietary teaching formulas to ensure your success as a fitness professional.


This expertly designed workshop, along with the Bodyblade® Instructor Manual and Workbook, 100+ illustrated exercise descriptions, optional DVDs and wall charts, will give you the skills and confidence needed to impress your clients with a system of training that physical therapists and professional athletes have raved about for years.

Continuing education credits provided for ACE (0.6 CECs), AFAA (6 CEUs), NASM (0.6 CECs), SPIN® (1.5 ), Peak Pilates® (1.5 )

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