I have been using the Bodyblade for over five years now and I wouldn't be in the situation I am in now if it weren't for the Bodyblade. As a professional athlete playing over a 150 games a year its very easy for body parts to break down. The Bodyblade has helped keep my shoulder in good enough shape that I haven't missed a day from a shoulder injury since I started working with the Bodyblade. I can honestly say that without this piece of equipment that I only have to use two/three times a week for five minutes that I might not still be pitching. Thank you Bodyblade.

– Brian Cooper, Pitcher, San Francisco Giants

I did use the blade quite a bit prior to the 2004 Games. I was having a lot of shoulder problems leading up to the Olympics. The Bodyblade was a large part of my rehab - it truly made a difference in keeping my shoulders in tact, not to mention gave my entire body a workout at the same time! Awesome product!

– Rebecca Giddens, Silver Medalist

I thought driving my Indycar was the best way to train my driving muscles. But my trainer, Jim Leo, started me using the Bodyblade, and I for the first time felt the same fatigue as driving the car. The nice thing is that I now train the same muscles without having to drive 225 mph. Good stuff.

– Sam Hornish Jr., Team Penske, 2001 and 2002 Indycar Champion

Being a spinal cord injured person the Bodyblade has allowed me to strengthen, condition and improve my overall stability. Bodyblade has helped me to function at highest level.

– Mike Utley, Mike Utley Foundation

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