Exercises and Routines

Exercise should have a purpose. For our ancestors, exercise meant being able to hunt, gather, farm and run from predators! Physical fitness or the lack of it back then carried a very different meaning. Today, how we live our life, pursue our passions, spend our leisure time and work depends on our wellness. Exercise for us should focus on preparation for the things we want to do. Never play golf, or tennis to get in shape but rather get in shape to play your sport or favorite activity like keeping up with your kids! What ever you do, what ever your age, the proper exercise and training sets the mark for function, wellness, performance, improvement and pleasure.

If your goal is simply to get your body in great shape, look and feel younger, stand taller, perform better with visibly greater muscle definition and strength, then you can achieve that goal today. Bodyblade® provides targeted training and rehabilitation for users in the clinic, sports club or individual setting. Be sure to reference your Bodyblade Exercise Wall Chart for a full range of suggested exercises

Bodyblade will enhance your sports performance through the power of your core. Improve quickness, balance and accuracy with racquet or club sports by increasing speed or better hand-eye coordination through repetitive rapid muscle contractions. Bodyblade delivers this automatically to your body. Try our suggested exercise programs or develop your own. The intensity of your workout is completely variable. Bodyblade is an excellent low impact workout for seniors, and weekend athletes sharpening the saw to increase the intensity, strength and endurance in their body. Use Bodyblade to train the muscles used in activities such as the martial arts, golf, tennis, baseball, rock climbing, running and many other sports.