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Created by Bruce Hymanson, PT, Bodyblade® pioneered vibration and inertia training in 1991. With its patented design, it was created to address the deep dynamic stabilizers of the spine and to provide a stable platform for all other rehabilitation, sport performance training, fitness enhancement, and personal training programs; resulting in improved wellness, function, and muscle definition.

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Bodyblade has received massive recognition for its innovation in treatment & training.

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Bodyblade® improves the way you move to restore functional movement in a tri-plane environment and improve quality of life.


Bodyblade® offers an array of personal fitness benefits, post rehabilitation training, and an accessible method of training for every body.


Bodyblade® will help you maximize performance by improving functional movement, enhancing neuromuscular control, and keeping you in the game.

Bodyblade® is a unique reactive training tool designed to improve your quality of life.

Bodyblade uses vibration and the power of inertia to rapidly contract your muscles up to 270 times per minute, stimulate your nervous system, and transform your body. Bodyblade will build your body from the center out to develop stability before mobility; providing you with a strong, well balanced, and functional body.

These principles are deeply rooted in the development, design, and delivery of the Bodyblade Method of training. No other training device or machine can offer the same core stability exercises, shoulder and pelvic stabilization, or overall vibration training benefits as the Bodyblade. It is our promise to you that using Bodyblade will empower you to succeed with your training goals.

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