If you’re going to train, train intelligently. We’re all familiar with the phrase, “Staying in the game”. That may take on a different meaning depending on who you are and what staying in the game means to you. If you are a professional athlete, staying in the game means a prolonged and prosperous career. To remain, injury free, competitive, prepared and in a position to maximize your potential. Ultimately, to fulfill your life long goals to be at the pinnacle of your sport. For individuals who love running, rowing, tennis, volleyball, and a long list of other sports or activities, staying in the game may simply be injury prevention and honing your skills to achieve your personal best in what you love. 

We all have the same nervous system. How we train our brain and muscular system is the key to all we do. It’s also the key to peak performance. Whether swinging a golf club, kicking a soccer ball, hitting a 3-point shot; the key elements are the same. Speed, reaction time, balance, coordination, stabilization, economy of motion and repetitive accuracy.

Training with Bodyblade is training every element necessary to bring your brain and body to the highest level of performance. Combining science and a movement based approach to function is how we get that done. When you perform faster, maintain the joints in your body to use the right muscle to support and enhance mobility, coordinate the upper body with the lower body, and combine movement in all planes of motion (all directions), the body is less likely to miss-step and more likely to fully come together for optimal peak performance.