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Bodyblade® Exercise Routines

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Bodyblade Workout Suggestions

Follow These Simple Bodyblade Workout Principles - F.I.T.T. and you are guaranteed to reach your training goals: Ask most personal trainers how to increase resistance to train harder and they will tell you to add more weight or turn the resistance knob another quarter turn.

Bodyblade trains the body naturally as do many other natural forms of exercise such as swimming, cycling, rowing, gymnastics or running. With these activities, you increase speed, drag, body angle or intensity of work to make the difference in required resistance. Since the flex of the blade and your body combine to give you the ultimate resistance equation, following these simple rules will insure your success.

Make sure you exercise 3–5 times a week minimum combining strength, flexibility, muscle endurance and cardiovascular training.
Increase the flex or amplitude of the blade during exercise and increase the workload or resistance to your body. Much like adding heavier weights to a weight stack. Move the Bodyblade further away from your body to increases the leverage and resistance even further. This is done by extending your arms slowly away from your body center.
Increase the amount of time you exercise when working out. Begin where you can and progress to at least 60 seconds for each exercise. Think about time relating to sets and reps in traditional strength training methods. The longer you exercise, the more endurance your muscles gain.
Train for strength, endurance, interval or wind sprints, and aerobically.

Important points to remember when applying your Bodyblade F.I.T.T. principles:

Body Position:
You can control the direction of Resistance and apply those forces at any angle you desire. This allows you to challenge your abs in a standing or lying position. Your legs or shoulders can be resisted throughout a full range of motion or in sports specific postures. Emphasize your favorite sport for better overall performance. Modify any of the Bodyblade exercises to create dozens of new exercises simply by adding rotation in stance or body to modify the forces and instability.
Plane of Motion:
The plane of motion will alter the response from a single muscle or an entire group of muscles. The Core muscles (Abs and back) will work more in flexion and extension, lateral flexion, rotation or a combination of 2 or more directions by changing the plane of motion. At first, learn to feel the body's response to different exercise positions. As you become more familiar with your reactions, the finer details of a golf swing or a little more resistance from the shoulders or the gluts in the hips are an easy fix.
Place your hand or hands around the center grip with a light touch. Not as you would grab a tennis racquet, baseball bat or a golf club but rather the way you would pick up a glass of water. The grip should be light enough to hold the Bodyblade safely. If you hold too hard you may experience early fatigue in the forearm and hand muscles. Review the tape for the five grip positions. 1) Two hand top grip 2) Two hand bottom grip 3) Golf grip ( top to bottom lacing two fingers) 4) Lace grip and 5) Single hand grip.
All Super Six exercises involve the entire body although they emphasize some muscle groups more then others as we move through the six exercises. The starting position may vary for different exercises pertaining to sports performance and rehabilitation. For the Super Six program, Take a broad stance with your feet apart shoulder width or better. Bend at the knees at least 25 degrees and bend forward at the hips 25 degrees. This is a mild squat position which by itself will begin toning and firming the gluts and thighs. When you add the oscillation of the Bodyblade, these muscles will be exercised 270 times a minute as you start, stop and change direction of your body to stabilize against the inertial forces generated by Bodyblade.

Six Minute Super Six Exercise Routines

The Super Six exercises were strategically designed to work all the major muscle groups in the body, targeting each of the major muscle groups with each one of the six exercises. Bodyblade dramatically works the smaller stabilizing muscles in the body first before calling the larger more powerful muscles into action. This automatically works the postural and deep muscles in the trunk which attach to the shoulders, arms, pelvis, hips and legs. These smaller muscles actually help control the larger more powerful muscles in your body. Together, large and small muscles get a phenomenal exercise workout using Bodyblade.

The Super Six Exercise Program

  1. Chest Press
  2. Back and Shoulder Reach
  3. Ab Crunch
  4. Tricep Push
  5. Bicep Tricep Trimmer
  6. Hip and Thigh Sculptor

The following are a few suggestions for doing your Super Six or expanded program.

Note: The greater the distance between the feet and the deeper the squat during exercise (especially during the Hip and Thigh Sculptor) the greater the training effect on the hips gluts and thighs.

  • Six for Six: Do each of the Super Six for one minute followed by a 30 second rest period. Take them in sequence (1–6)or change the order around (2, 4, 6, 1, 3, 5) to challenge yourself.
  • Circuit Six: Do the Super Six in sequence for ten seconds each for a total of one minute. Repeat the sequence six times for a great six minute workout. You will be challenged. Here's an example. Chest Press X 10 seconds, Back and Shoulder Reach X 10 seconds, Ab Crunch X 10 seconds, Tricep Push X 10 seconds, Bicep Tricep Trimmer X 10 seconds and Hip and Thigh Sculptor X 10 seconds for a total of 60 seconds. Repeat 6 times (sets) for a great 6 minute workout. As you become stronger and have greater endurance you can either add more sets of the circuit or increase the amount of time to 15 seconds or 20 seconds (increases reps) with each of the six exercises.
  • Three for Three: Take the first three exercises in the Super Six (Chest Press, Back and Shoulder Reach and Ab Crunch) and do them in combination for three minutes. Rest for one minute and do the final three exercises in the Super Six (Tricep Push, Bicep Tricep Trimmer and Hip and Thigh Sculptor) in combination for three minutes. A combination may be 30 seconds each or one minute each. As long as you keep going for three minutes before resting. Initially try to do the sequence 1–3 and 4–6.
  • Custom Six: Create your own six minute workout using the Super Six exercises. Make any combination of time, exercise sequence and sets.

Aerobic and Core Power Body Shaping

Experience this specially choreographed CORE strengthening and body shaping video workout. You'll develop balance, strength, coordination, and power using the CORE muscles in all 3 planes of motion lead by Rosalie Brown an Internationally known Fitness instructor, and personal trainer. Wake up muscles you never knew you had. The Bodyblade core workout will challenge hundreds of muscles to contract 270 times per minute. Finally, a workout that can tone and sculpt the body plus give a solid cardio workout - and in half the time of traditional methods. Try our 20 minute core Bodyblade training program and discover the world's most efficient exercise device for you and your clients.

Bodyblade Full Body Exercise Program

For further review please view our Exercise Wall Chart.

Upper Body

  1. Curls
  2. Tricep kick backs
  3. Lateral Raises
  4. Jab
  5. Internal/External Rotation
  6. Upright Rows
  7. Shrugs
  8. Single Arm Chest Press
  9. Overhead French Curls
  10. Back and Shoulder Reach 
  11. Tricep Push
  12. Single Arm overhead
  13. Pec Deck


  1. Hip and Thigh Sculptor
  2. Ab Crunch
  3. Overhead Hip and Thigh
  4. Overhead Ab Crunch
  5. Behind the Back Tricep Rotated 90°
  6. Transverse Ab Crunch
  7. Floor Crunch in 3 Blade Positions
  8. Rotational Floor Crunch
  9. Prone Extension
  10. Seated Hip and Thigh Sculptor
  11. 90° Rotated Ab Crunch
  12. 90° Rotated Hip and Thigh Sculptor
  13. Oblique "Kill Shot" Sculptor

Legs Hips and Thighs

  1. Hip and Thigh Sculptor
  2. Arm Lock Toe Raises
  3. Arm Lock Squats
  4. Straight Leg Bridges 3 Blade positions
  5. Bent Knee Bridges 3 Blade positions
  6. Lateral Lunges 3 Blade positions
  7. Transverse Lunge in Hip and Thigh Sculptor
  8. Alternating Forward to Side Lunges