Super 6, Core, Chisel, Flow Wall Chart

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From the original Bodyblade® Super 6 to invigorating Core, Chisel and yoga-inspired Flow, this chart will provide you with a ton of variety to create the ideal workout for you.

To begin, you can perform your workouts by following each column, as it demonstrates a sample 6 -minute total-body training routine (one minute per exercise). If you're pressed for time or want to change it up, choose an exercise row instead of column and work across, providing you with a 4-exercise set.

If you want to do a longer workout, you can follow a diagonal path or create a custom Bodyblade workout by choosing your own combination of exercises.  Whatever you choose, you will be training your body functionally, increasing strength, muscle endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning.

Dimensions: 28 in x 20 in (71.1cm x 50.8cm)

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