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Bodyblade® CxT Kit

Bodyblade® CxT Kit


The smallest and lightest of our three models, the CxT provides all the benefits of Bodyblade® training at our lightest resistance level.


Product Length: 40 in (102 cm)

Product Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.68kg)



Variable Resistance

With each model, you have the ability to control the resistance level and thus intensity of your training by varying Flex Intensity.

Flex Intensity: With each push and pull on the handle, the greater the force you apply, the greater the flex in the blade, and the greater resistance you feel during training. The lighter you push and pull, the less flex in the blade, and the lighter resistance you feel during training.

Automatically adjusts to the level of the user.

Automatically activates 610 muscles in the body to contract at precisely the right time, facilitating perfect coordination and allowing you to perform functional movement training.



While the CxT is the smallest and lightest of our three models, it is important to consider that resistance is not the only factor to take into account when deciding whether the CxT is for you.

Bodyblade is unique from traditional forms of training where lighter weight or lighter resistance always translates to “easier”. Beyond resistance is the Neurological Factor.

Neurological Factor: While the CxT is the lightest to hold and produces the least resistance, those who are typically challenged with fine motors skills and body awareness tend to find the Pro model easier to use as it feels more responsive to them. Think of it like the Pro communicating much louder to your neuromuscular system.



1 – Bodyblade® CxT

1 – Super 6 / Power 10 DVD

1 – 30 Dynamic Exercises Wall Chart