Bodyblade® Classic

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Our most popular and widely used model, the Classic provides you the greatest versatility in your training.

Product Length: 48 in (122 cm)

Product Weight: 1.75 lbs (.80kg)

Variable Resistance

The intensity with which you drive the blade back and forth (Flex Intensity) varies the level of resistance you receive.

Flex Intensity

The harder you drive the blade back and forth translates to greater flex in the blade and increased resistance. Conversely, the lighter you drive the blade back and forth translates to smaller flex in the blade and decreased resistance. 

Automatically adjusts to the level of the user.

Automatically activates 610 muscles in the body to contract at precisely the right time, facilitating perfect coordination and allowing you to perform functional movement training.

For anyone looking for an increased challenge over the CxT but not quite ready to step up to the Pro.

This model provides the greatest resistance range of our three models so you can scale your training to meet your goals.

1 – Bodyblade® Classic (Black)

1 – 30 Dynamic Exercises Wall Chart

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