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Super 6, Core, Chisel, Flow Wall Chart

Super 6, Core, Chisel, Flow Wall Chart


Have fun and get creative with this quick and easy exercise wall chart! 

Each column gives you a 10-minute total-body daily exercise routine (one minute per exercise with a short rest between), from the original Bodyblade® Super 6 workout to invigorating Core and Chisel workouts to the yoga-inspired Flow workout.

If you're pressed for time or want to change it up a bit, choose an exercise row instead of column.  If you want to do a longer workout, do row repeats or follow a couple diagonal paths.  Or create your own challenging Bodyblade workout.  Whatever you choose, you'll feel the power of vibration and inertia tone, sculpt, and transform the shape of your body.

Dimensions: 20 in x 28 in

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