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Bodyblade® Rapid Results DVDs

Bodyblade® Rapid Results DVDs


The Bodyblade® Rapid Results training DVDs were designed by Physical Therapist Bruce Hymanson, creator of the Bodyblade, and a team of fitness professional with a simple goal - offer short, powerful, fun, effective and results-oriented workouts that will deliver rapid results and transform your body.


DVD includes:

Super 6 / Power 10

Triple Power Blast

  • Press (with turn)
  • Ab crunch (with alternating leg lift)
  • Hip & thigh sculptor (with step)
  • Jab (with step)
  • Back and shoulder reach – drive (with tilt)
  • Overhead press (optional alternate arms)
  • Hip & thigh sculptor (with step)
  • Tricep push (with step)
  • Upright row
  • Bicep/tricep trimmer (with lunge)
  • Ab crunch (with twist)
  • Tricep kick back
  • Chest press on mat
  • Chest press crunch
  • Ab crunch in bridge
  • Press up

Core Cardio Blast

  • Chest press (one arm twist)
  • Back and shoulder reach
  • Tricep push (with lunge)
  • Hip & thigh sculptor (with step)
  • Overhead press (single arm)
  • Jab (with step)
  • Ab crunch on mat (with leg lift rotation)
  • Chest press on mat (with rotation)
  • Ab crunch in bridge
  • Oblique jab
  • One arm press up

Bodyblade® Yoga

  • Various poses with blade

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